Subscribe us to stay up to date! Celo Official: 1, When everything is going smoothly ,we can’t help to recall that back in 2018, Celo was chosen from a pool of 800 applicants to bring blockchain-based cash transfer solutions to fight world hunger. how time flies! read the entire…
Mainnet is here! Congrats to all! we made it happen together! | Bi23 Labs
Subscribe us to stay up to date~ Celo Official: 1、cGLD auction sells out on Coinlist on May 13: Raised $10M from 509 purchasers in 62 countries. the au… | Bi23 Labs
The Alliance for Prosperity is now 75 members! So proud! | Bi23 Labs
A smooth week passed. | Bi23 Labs
RC1 is live! Congrats to all ! | Bi23 Labs
It’s really a busy week for celo and us all, let’s take a look at the updates directly! Subscribe us to stay up to date~ Mainnet >> Pranay posted the "… | Bi23 Labs
Hi all ! Wih so many exciting things happened everyday , we found it very neccessary to launch the Celo’s weekly newsletter, where you can get almost a… | Bi23 Labs
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