Week In Celo News ( Apr.13—Apr.19)

It’s really a busy week for celo and us all, let’s take a look at the updates directly!

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1、 [Action Required] RC1 Image Released 

2、The "Release Candidate 1 (RC1) Timeline and Details” was released, it contained many important information, including dates and instructions to receive The Great Celo Stake Off (TGCSO) awards, hope you don’t miss it!


  • The first release candidate network for Mainnet (RC1) will go live on April 22nd, Earth Day .

  • If you are a Top 50 TGCSO winner - you can get Celo Foundation votes!

  • Baklava will continue! The Alfajore/Baklava/RC1 will remain up and serve the their purposes.

  • To ease the validator’s burden a bit, the deadline to submit a Gist with addresses was extended to April 18th 16:00 UTC. As a result, the RC1 Docker image and Genesis Block will be shared by April 19th 00:00 UTC.


  • May 1-May 4: Sep Kamvar ,co-founder of c-clabs , will attend the Defi discussions holded by Dystopia Labs, talking about What's Possible With EigenTrust For DeFi.


Beware of the websites pretending to offer infors about celo gold!

This website is a scam!https://officialcelo.org/.

CoinList(coinlist.co/celo.)is the ONLY place to buy Celo Gold before Mainnet!

That’s all for now!

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