Week In Celo News(Apr.27-May.3)

A smooth week passed.

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Celo Official:

  • The first Governance proposal : the RC 1 kitchen is running smoothly ! so cLabs put forward the first proposal to unfreeze validator elections and validator Celo Dollar rewards! it ran from Apr 27th to May 1st, the voting result can be seen at here.

  • cGLD early bidding now live on CoinList , bid now to ensure your participation in the May 11 auction!

  • Celo Events:

    Apr30: Celo: uma visão geral.

    May1: Prosper Series: Ignite Your Unique Purpose Zine-Making Workshop

    May2: Celo en América Latina + AMA

    May2: cLabs took 6 times at the DeFi Discussions Summit, all of the following times are in PST:

    - Fri. 3:00pm: What’s Possible With EigenTrust For DeFi (Sep)

    - Sat.10:00am: Now Is The Time For The Digital Dollar: Thoughts From A Former Central Banker @ezechiel | cLabs

    - Sat. 12:00pm: Simulating The Risk Of Stablecoins @Markus

    - Sat. 7:30pm: The Future of Stablecoins @marek | cLabs

    - Sun. 4:00pm: Panel: Investing In Impact In Emerging Markets @Rene

    - Sun. 4:30pm: Leveraging User Insights Across the Stack @nitya

Community and Partners:

  • Coinbase:Coinbase announced at-launch support for cGLD on April 29..

  • ThatCrypto:In case you missed it, ThatCrypto interviewed Marek Olszewski and talked about “advancing Financial Inclusion with Permissionless Cryptocurrencies”.

  • Coindesk: managing partner of Dragonfly Capital Partners, has stepped down from the crypto investment firm, which invested Celo.

  • The Celo Data Statistics add thecGLD Token Release Schedule page last week, feel free to check it out!

    BTW, they’re collecting logos of groups and validators, if you’re interested in displaying your logo on the website, please DM @Emma|thecelo.com|Bi23 Labs #9980 in this form:

    —your validator/group addresses

    —your keybase profile( eg. https://keybase.io/sunxmldapp)

    —website to link

  • CeloWhale starts to support Mainnet RC1 from April 29, you can find out recent

    — status of all validators

    — list of all registered validators with score

Upcoming Events:

That’s all for now!