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$CELO is now available for trading and staking on CoinList Pro!

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Celo Official:

1, CELO is now available for trading and staking on CoinList Pro, a full-featured crypto spot exchange.

2, For those who applied for Cohort 3, the result was announced on August 1th. so don’t forget to check your email!

3, Validators attentions! If all the CELO is withdrawn from a ReleaseGold contract serving the validator or validator group, the cUSD rewards provided to that validator group will be inaccessible. cLabs is working on upgrading the CLI so that a warning is issued if there’s a cUSD balance left when withdrawing all CELO. click HERE to read the reasons.

4, cLabs submitted a governance proposal to bump the minimum client version to v1.0.1 to enforce a critical security fix. However, they realized that some community members are not ready to upgrade their nodes within the short timeline. In order to prevent unexpected interruptions to services and operations, this proposal was not approvd. When more stakeholders have upgraded their nodes, cLabs will re-introduce this proposal.

5,Did you know that Celo has a YouTube channel where you can catch up on all the action you might have missed and a telegram channel to communicate with others? If not, then don’t hesitate to join in!

,6, “In Celo, the value is that there’s this fundamental belief that everyone is connected and that everybody has something to offer the world. ” said Pranay Mohan of clabs. Three Celo validators spoke to ModernConsensus on staking and Celo's mission. check the full article here!

7, Events of past two weeks:

1, July 22th: Celo Africa Series: Learn how to run a node on Celo with Ankr

2, July 24th: Celo Tech Talks Part 6 - Governance

3, July 24th: Celo in Uganda: Cryptosavannah

4, July 30th: Celo Tech Talks Part 7 - Oracle

5, July 30th: Celo Africa Series: Digital currencies enabling new waves of entrepreneurs in Africa


1, FrontierWallet has joined the Celo Alliance for Prosperity to bring decentralised finance to masses further! Frontier will be integrating Celo Blockchain, enabling users to seamlessly store, send, and receive $cUSD and $CELO.

Upcoming Event:

1, Aug 6th: Prosper Series: Decentralized Identity for Enabling Freedom & Choice.

2, Aug 14th: Celo Tech Talks Part 8 - Celo Blockchain.

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