Week In Celo News (April 13)

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Wih so many exciting things happened everyday , we found it very neccessary to launch the Celo’s weekly newsletter, where you can get almost all updates in one page.

So Here We Are ! let’s take a look at what’s new in Celo!

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                            Network & Staff 

  • "New Baklava"went live on April 7. A dress rehearsal of sorts, Celo validators are making sure their "kitchens" are ready for mainnet with the latest Celo client, featuring upgrades from the Stake Off.

  • Curious about Celo Gold post-mainnet? check out this blog— understanding Celo Gold Allocation.

  • The stability analysis has been updated. It's more thorough than earlier versions, looking at even more pessimistic scenarios, you can check out Marek's tweet storm on recent MakerDAO events and how it compares to what would happen with Celo.

  • If you are a developer, consider taking the Celo Developer Survey ,share your needs and the findings with the community.

  • Charles Eisenstein joined Celo as an advisor.

                           Community & Ecosystem

  • Wave II of the Grants Program is open until May 19, with a priority given to projects that help communities impacted by COVID-19.

  • Celo’s first Chinese AMA was hosted on April 2. Marek, CTO of Celo, answered 15 questions the community concerned, the recap in both EN&CH version were sorted out and released.

  • 4.17—4.18 :“What if money is beautiful?” —Prosper Retreat is applying now!

  • 4.22—4.22 :Microsoft &Celo back virtual earth day event from blockchain for social impact coalition.>>

  • Nasdaq: “Why COVID-19 Stimulus Should Incorporate Digital Dollars by Ezechiel Copic” by Ezechiel Copic, a former Central Banker and now a Partner at cLabs.

  • CoinDesk: Microsoft & Celo Back Virtual Earth Day Event From Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition

  • Figment Networks: Takeaways from The Great Celo Stake Off

  • Greenfield One: A crypto network valuation framework - applied to Celo

  • IDEO CoLab: Brainstorm on Crypto + Banking: The Next Billion Users

  • she256: Vanessa Slavich is Building a Better Blockchain Through Storytelling

  • Syncnode Validator: The Great Celo Stake-Off — a personal overview

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