Week In Celo News| July6-July12

Alchemy has joined the Celo Alliance for Prosperity!

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Celo Official:

1, clabs updated the Celo Reserve website on July 7th, don’t miss it.

2, An introductory guide to Celo in Filipino language.

3, The cLabs team discovered a security vulnerability that affects the celo-blockchain codebase. While the difficulty of executing this attack is, in clabs’ opinion, very high, and they have not received information from the community to suggest this vulnerability has been exploited to date, its severity is critical.

It is a recommendation that you immediately patch any celo-blockchain nodes (full nodes, validator proxies, and validators) on the public Celo Mainnet.

Read more details in HERE! or reach out to the @cLabs team if you have any questions or need support in this process.

4,cLabs and @CeloOrg are growing! Since the beginning of the pandemic and after an initial hiring pause to evaluate the situation, clabs have welcomed 34 new team members since mid March. click HERE to see the thread.

5, @_nityas of Celo discussed the user vs the developer at #DiffusionDigital. catch the full panle HERE.


July 6th-10th: The Decentralized Community United;

July 6th: Celo Dollars - Unlocking the Potential of Stablecoins. how Celo is powering solutions for individuals and communities around the world.


1, Chorus One have completed the first milestones of their Celo integration in their multi-network staking platform Anthem. Anthem allows stakers to see historical data on their portfolio and to participate in staking or voting in governance (Ledger tx are still being worked on).

For now you can:

- paste in any Celo address and see its account and transaction history (filtering for CELO balances for available, voting, and rewarded CELO).

- see the list of validators and governance proposals. This is still being worked on and will allow carrying out Ledger transactions when the integration is complete.

- export data as a CSV file for account history (in accounting format) and JSON for transactions.

- see your portfolio development in various fiat currencies.

2, Figment Networks will be supporting Celo with their new product, Data Hub. Data Hub will allow developers to easily build and launch new applications on Celo, and Celo Camp participants have already been using Data Hub to power their applications.

3, Now that attestations are live and will serve real users, it is becoming in important metric to see how well validators are contributing to Celo. so thecelo.com add this feature last week. now you can see the number of validators’s attestation fulfilled/requested in the validators and group page.

4, Alchemy has joined the Celo Alliance for Prosperity, a global ecosystem with a vision to drive financial inclusion!

5, Business Insider: Voyager Digital Adds Five New Digital Assets to Its Platform.

6, Chorus One ‘s June update just went out , which covers Celo reserve and cUSD launch.

Upcoming Event:

1, July 15th: Regulación y Criptomonedas

2, July 16th: Celo Africa Series: Learn how to run a node on Celo with Ankr

3, July 17th: Celo Stability Protocol Walkthrough.

4, July 17th: Celo in Uganda: A new chapter in Uganda’s financial inclusion story

5, July 24th: Celo Tech Talks Part 6 - Governance

6, July 24th: Celo in Uganda: Cryptosavannah

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