Week In Celo News| Jun22-Jun28

$cUSD transfers are now enabled and can be exchanged on-chain against the reserve for $CELO!

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Celo Official:

1, New listing! $CELO has been added to USD trading markets on OKCoin.

  • Deposit: June 24, 2020, at 00:00 AM 

  • Spot trading (CELO/USD): June 24, 2020 at 2:00 AM

  • Withdrawal: June 24, 2020, at 3:00 AM

Note: CELO is not available to residents of the European Union, Singapore, and Brunei. 

2, Proposal #7—Enabling Celo Dollar transfers and activating the stability protocolis passed! $cUSD transfers are now enabled and can be exchanged on-chain against the reserve for $CELO. Exciting time for the Celo community!

3, The winners of the inaugural Celo Camp are out!

On June 15th, the first batch of Celo Camp concluded and the polls were locked! A cumulative number of 5,359 community members voted throughout the duration of the camp to determine the winners of Celo Camp. after three rounds of voting, two teams shined throughout the competition.

Pesabase (formerly known as Kesholabs), the grand prize winner, has won Gold prize of $10,000. MugglePay, the Silver prize winner, has won $5,000!

4, The application for Celo Foundation Votes Cohort 3 is closing soon!

To encourage financial inclusion and the participation of secure, reliable validators, the Celo Foundation will vote for validators according to the Foundation voting policy. the deadline is July 1, 2020, you can apply here.

Note: Cohort 2 validators (TGCSO 1-25th winners) will continue to receive Foundation votes and thus do not need to apply for Cohort 3.

5, Rethinking Remittances with Blockchain Technology and Celo— how blockchain-based remittance solutions like Celo are well positioned to offer a better customer experience over current offerings.

6, Events of last week:

Jun 26: Collaborative Economy for Prosperity

Jun 26: Celo Tech Talks - Proof of Stake


1, The Passive Trust will be donating 10% of the rewards they receive from validating Celo, more details will be shared when the time comes.

2, Building on Celo’s MissionFigment networks shared their thoughts on Celo’s mission. they will start a new content series called “Building on Celo”, in this series they will be highlighting the ambitious projects already being built on Celo using their full node Web 3 API access.

3, Celo Tutorial— From deploying smart contract to connecting to testnet in Japanese by celo Japanese community.

4, Bitcoinke.io : Kenya’s PesaBase Emerges Winner in the Global Celo Blockchain Inaugural Camp – Edition One

5, Thecelo now supports validator badges, click the identify section to check it out!

Upcoming Event:

July 8, 11:00 pm: Kuneco—A time to Celebrate the Launch of Celo Dollars.

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