Week In Celo News| June29-July5

Celo Dollars ( $cUSD) are live on the Celo Network!

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Celo Official:

1, About 2 years since Celo was introduced to the world, and 2 months since Mainnet went live, Celo Dollars ( $cUSD) are live on the Celo Network! This milestone brings a stable asset to the Celo Platform, a new financial system accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. Celo will unlock the potential of stablecoins!

2, About the results of Celo foundation Grant: clabs received a ~400% increase in grant applicants and are almost complete, they will reach out to teams this week and the official announcement the week of July 13 !

3,Don’t miss @sakenomics2015's paper on “Influencing the Velocity of Central Bank Digital Currencies, it’s now available at https://celo.org/papers.

4, Events of last week:

Monday June 29th: Digital Currency Applications and Needs for Standards

Tuesday June 30th: Women in Leadership, Leading Off First

Thursday July 2nd : Celo Tech Talks - Plumo: Towards Scalable Interoperable Blockchains Using Ultra Light Validation Systems.


1, With both $CELO and $cUSD now live on mainnet, more and more projects created with Celo to blossom. @trufflesuite built the Celo Dappkit box, which installs a boilerplate project for you with 1 command.

2, Tango is proposing launching the Brazilian Real on Celo as the next stablecoin, called simply “cBRL”. read more of their thoughts at HERE.

3, Chainflow open-sourced a simple Telegram bot that alerts you when a new proposal's issued, and they’re adding more alerts to track the proposal through the governance lifecyle.

4, Moonlet provided some updates about what they’ve achieved recently, what would be the next steps and their ask to CELO community. click HERE to read more details in discord.


  • finalised the UI/UX part.

  • covered all CELO operations.

  • developed a Notification Center that would allow any user to stay informed with regards to transactions status, activate votes or make withdrawals.

  • build an API to help displaying relevant info about user's and validators status.

5, Thecelo now dispalys the real-time data of $cUSD/$CELO. click HERE to take a look.

Upcoming Event:

1, July 6th-10th: The Decentralized Community United;

2, July 6th: Celo Dollars - Unlocking the Potential of Stablecoins. Learn more about how Celo is powering solutions for individuals and communities around the world.

3, July 17th: Celo Stability Protocol Walkthrough.

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