Week In Celo News(May11—May17)

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Celo Official:

1、cGLD auction sells out on Coinlist on May 13:

  • Raised $10M from 509 purchasers in 62 countries. the auction cleared the full tranche of 10M cGLD at $1 per token.

  • There were 3,996 total registrations and 761 bids from 132 countries. The average bid price was $5.02, with more than 50% of the bids coming in above $3 and more than 25% of the bids coming in above $9.

2、Attentions! The deadline of Wave II Celo grants submissions is May 19th! anyone interested in applying for it , the application link is here.

There’s the wish list celo recommend (new ideas are always welcomed:

  • Tooling to fork mainnet and swap out the validator set to create a “staging” network

  • UIs for custodial hardware to enable engaging in on-chain governance

  • Expanding/improving our github.com/celo-org to have java and python sdks available

  • Applications for ratifying Governance proposals by coordinating/signaling off-chain to then settle on-chain

  • Analytics + visualization of metrics to support the Celo network

  • Projects implementing creative approaches with vouchers

  • Text + messaging providers

  • Applications for finding people or businesses nearby accepting Celo

  • Platforms for P2P exchanges of Celo assets

  • Applications for payroll and wage enablement

3、Make your voice heard! Voting on the TWO new proposals is coming to an end!Come to vote now if you haven’t!

(1) #Prop2— Unfreeze Voter Rewards

(2) #Prop3 —Unfreeze $cGLD Transfers

  • New to governance? there’s a guide by @AmySlawson1

  • Where can I see the process and result? it can be seen at here.

4、 Celo dAppKit downloads on npm are up 600% this week,interested in building a decentralized mobile app on Celo? Check out the Getting Started instructions.

5、 Celo shares its progress, roadmap, user traction and developer community activation at #ConsensusDistributed# , @Vanessa and @timmoreton @wonderwill08 @alonshavit_ joined.


Community and Partners:

1、Community tools & updates:

  • Meet Telegram bot for Celo!built by @Ryabina, it can track any event with any account in Celo Mainnet, use set of pre-configured notifications for User, Validator, Group or Governance or choose Advanced mode and make custom notification manually .

  • CeloWhale now provides telegram validator notification for Celo Mainnet RC1 and Baklava.

  • Thecelo.com newly added "locked gold & votes rate" chart and "released cgld & cusd rate" chart in dashboard, feel free to check it out and give us feedbacks.

2、CeloAlliance member @FlexaHQ shared what they’ve learned in the past 364 days since they launched the Flexa network, and their plans for the road ahead.

3、@blockfyre released their new research report on Celo, very insightful!

4、Serious video of celo’s partner a16z, a crypto startup school.

5、Coinlist: Investors on CoinList Pour $10M Into Celo Token Sale in Roughly 12 Hours.

6、Cointelegraph: Virtual Consensus 2020 Kicks Off With ECB Official Discussing CBDC.

Upcoming Events:

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