Week In Celo News(May4—May10)

The Alliance for Prosperity is now 75 members! So proud!

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Celo Official:

1.About Coinlist Auction:

The live auction will begin at 6 PM PDT May 11 / 1 AM UTC May 12. Bids are accepted on a first come first served basis, so place an early bid to secure your time priority.

Auction Considerations:

  • Price Floor: $1

  • Price Ceiling: $12 

  • Amount of cGLD available: 10M cGLD

  • Auction Bonus: For every 2 cGLD purchased, you get 1 cGLD bonus up to 5,000 cGLD purchased (maximum bonus of 2,500 cGLD). The auction bonus will be limited to the first 1,000 bids accepted in the auction.

More details of cGLD auction can be seen here.

2.Alliance for Prosperity: 75 Members Strong & First Integrations Live—Celo membership has grown 50% since the announcement in March, the Alliance for Prosperity is now 75 members! so proud!

3.Missed the Defi discussion ? then don’t miss the recordings!

  • What might DeFi look like a few years out? Sep Kamvar lays out a possible path, leveraging EigenTrust for decentralized reputation & credit scores. the recording is here.

  • The recording of Marek Olszewski 's talk on "The Future Of Stablecoins" can be found here.

  • The recording of Markus Franke (partner at Celo)'s talk on "Simulating The Risk Of Stablecoins" can be found here.

  • The recording of @sakenomics2015 (partner at Celo)'s talk on "Now Is The Time For The Digital Dollar: Thoughts From A Former Central Banker" can be found here.

4.Around the world, an estimated 1.7 billion people remain unbanked and lacking access to high quality financial services. NlwCrypto speaks with Celo co-founder Marek Olszewski about“Why Crypto Matters for Financial Inclusion”.

5.Digital events:

  • May 4 : @followrene and @marekolszewski spoke at Ready Layer One .

  • May 7: @xochitl spoke on a pane”The Impact of Blockchain for Emerging Economies” .

  • May 8: Creating Prosperity Through New Digital Livelihoods. @Will Le shared about cEarn, a Celo project that enables low-income mobile phone users to earn money through microwork.

6.An introductory guide to Celo in JapaneseCelo(セロ)入門ガイド.

7.@Anca Rusu is the Regional Lead for cLabs, working on Celo for Africa and Middle East. check out his latest podcast—The Celo Mobile-First Blockchain Platform and How It is Building Solutions in the African Market” .

Community and Partners:

1.Useful guides:

  • Want to master the art of Celo Validator and Group deployment? check out Keyko’s how-to guide for setting up a Celo Validator and Validator Group from scratch without a hardware wallet.

2.Celo community tools updates:

3.Celo Contracts Audit: @OpenZeppelin audited the Celo smart contracts and shared their findings.

4.Announcements and media repots of Celo’s Alliance for Prosperity partners:

  • Btc Manager: Celo’s Alliance for Prosperity Welcomes 20+ New Members

  • Klaytn: Klaytn joins the Celo Alliance for Prosperity to Enhance the Usability of Digital Assets.

  • Ontologynetwork: Ontology Joins Celo Alliance for Prosperity to Accelerate Financial Inclusion.

  • Name Coin News: BEN Joins the Celo Alliance for Prosperity to Get More People Under Financial Inclusion.

  • AnkrAnkr has found a new purpose in crypto with Celo.

  • Modern Consensus: Celo, Bison Trails partner on straight-to-phone number payments.

  • Bison Trails: Bison Trails Supports Celo and the Alliance for Prosperity.

  • Crypto Newsz: Hex Trust Joins Hands with Celo Alliance to Provide Custody Support in Asia.

  • Bitcoin Exchange Guide: Libra Association Rival Celo, Adds 20+ New Members to the Alliance for Prosperity.

  • Chain News: 开源支付网络 Celo 新增 25 家「繁荣联盟」成员.

  • Crypto News Point: Celo Foundation Adds New Members To Its ‘Alliance For Prosperity’.

  • Cointelegraph: Celo Network Reveals Over 20 New Alliance Members.

Upcoming Events:

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