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Announcing The Wave III of the Celo Foundation Grants Program! | Bi23 Labs
Celo Camp 2.0 is back! Apply now and start creating your own story! | Bi23 Labs
Since mainnet launch, the Celo community has really grown a lot in the past 3 months! | Bi23 Labs
cLabs announced acquisition of leading cross-chain architecture firm Summa, strengthening the Celo Ecosystem! | Bi23 Labs
$CELO is now available for trading and staking on CoinList Pro! | Bi23 Labs
CELO is now trading on OKEx, CoinList added staking support, and the CP-DOTO cUSD/CELO onchain exchange just increased liquidity by 5x! | Bi23 Labs
Alchemy has joined the Celo Alliance for Prosperity! | Bi23 Labs
Celo Dollars ( $cUSD) are live on the Celo Network! | Bi23 Labs
$cUSD transfers are now enabled and can be exchanged on-chain against the reserve for $CELO! | Bi23 Labs
The applications for Celo Foundation Votes are now open for Cohort 3! | Bi23 Labs
No more $cGLD! It's called $CELO now! | Bi23 Labs